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Helpful Hints and Insights
from your friends here at RVIS

Black Friday Shopping Tips

1. Check ahead

This can mean a lot of things. Most importantly, do your research on store websites to find out what special deals they're offering only on Black Friday. Sometimes retailers allow you to purchase the item online ahead of time. Other times, a retailer may only offer deals during set hours. Which is another important tip in checking ahead. It's good to know what time each store opens, so that you can map out the order of stores you'd like to hit because there will be a lot of traffic and parking problems. James wrote: "In the past, sometimes I’ve purchased items online before going to the store, just in case."

2. Price match


Some stores like Target and Walmart are good at honoring a price match. Usually, you'll need to bring the circular of a competitor and show it to the cashier for the price match. Keep in mind, it may not work for online deals. It also may not apply to Black Friday specials, but it's always worth a try on this day.

3. Doorbuster deals


These are the deals where you've seen on the news, people waiting in long lines, sometimes overnight or well before the store opens. Doorbusters are special deals on certain products which retailers will advertise ahead of time. Most of the time it's first come, first serve. If you get there after the store opens, you may be out of luck, but if you get your hands on a doorbuster deal you've had your eyes on, you probably paid a deep discount.

4. Buddy system


Safety in numbers is important, but in this case, it's about shopping efficiently. On Black Friday, pop up sales happen throughout stores. We're talking about special displays especially for the holiday. You can divide and conquer with your buddy by making sure you can each get your hands on exclusive items. Also, having a buddy helps to hold a spot in line, if you need to purchase above an item limit since there are two of you, and you can get more shopping done together.

5. Don't be late


There are going to be deals throughout the holiday season, but Black Friday shopping means you're ready to brave the crowds in search of special savings that day. If you wait until the weekend, you're going to run into less options and possibly pay a bit more. You may be disappointed to find out that unique buy was only available on Black Friday. So, why wait until Cyber Monday.


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